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The Mallee CMA's primary responsibility is to ensure that natural resources in the region are managed in an integrated and ecologically sustainable way.

Our work is based on science and delivered through meaningful partnerships with local organisations such as Landcare, community groups,  and government agencies in the Victorian Mallee.

The Mallee CMA region covers 3.9 million hectares - about one fifth of Victoria. It is the largest catchment area in the state and runs along the Murray River from Nyah to the South Australian border, through areas of high-value irrigated horticulture and National Parks, and south through vast dryland cropping areas and public reserves to the Wimmera.

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Rivers and Wetlands



Aug 18, 2015 Farm incentives to protect Mallee threatened species

Southern Mallee farmers are being offered financial and practical help to improve habitat on their properties and protect local threatened and endangered species.

Aug 18, 2015 Revegetation incentives for Mallee farmers

Mallee farmers west of Ouyen are being offered financial and practical help for work to improve wildlife links between three of southern Australia’s most important refuges for native species.

Aug 14, 2015 Incentives for irrigators to modernise on-farm

Sunraysia irrigators are being offered incentives to improve their on-farm irrigation set-ups to increase the benefits from the rollout of the Sunraysia Modernisation Project (SMP).

Aug 05, 2015 Mallee Farmer Edition 9 - August 2015

This edition of the Mallee Farmer has a wide range of important information on research, projects and events across the region.

Jul 01, 2015 Nyah-Vinifera reaps watering benefits

Nyah-Vinifera Park is bouncing back with environmental watering helping to improve the forest and attract a range of native animals, including Swamp Wallabies, frogs, birds and small fish.

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