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The Mallee CMA's primary responsibility is to ensure that natural resources in the region are managed in an integrated and ecologically sustainable way.

Our work is based on science and delivered through meaningful partnerships with local organisations such as Landcare, community groups,  and government agencies in the Victorian Mallee.

The Mallee CMA region covers 3.9 million hectares - about one fifth of Victoria. It is the largest catchment area in the state and runs along the Murray River from Nyah to the South Australian border, through areas of high-value irrigated horticulture and National Parks, and south through vast dryland cropping areas and public reserves to the Wimmera.

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Rivers and Wetlands



Aug 24, 2016 2015 Irrigated Horticulture Crop Report

Nuts outnumber grapes as the new dominant crop type in the Victorian Mallee.

Aug 22, 2016 Mallee Farmer Edition 11

Edition 11 of the Mallee Farmer is now available.

Aug 17, 2016 New on-farm incentives for Mallee farmers

LANDHOLDERS across the Victorian Mallee are being urged to apply for the latest round of incentives to complete important on-farm works such as dryland salinity control, dune reclamation, revegetation and and building stock containment areas.

Aug 16, 2016 Have your say by completing a survey on agricultural production and ecological principles in the wheat industry

This survey focuses on whether there are practical ways to apply basic ecological principles for ecological management while maintaining or improving agricultural production in wheatbelt regions.

Aug 12, 2016 Latest update from the Tri-State Murray NRM Alliance

The Tri-State NRM Alliance is working with communities along the River Murray Corridor to grow the economy, secure the environment and motivate and inspire the community.

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