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The Mallee CMA has a fundamental responsibility to ensure the community has an opportunity to provide input into priority setting and funding allocations for natural resource management in the region. This is achieved through various subcommittees comprising Board and community members.

Community Advisory Committee

The Land and Water Advisory Committee (LWAC) is made up of community members from across the Mallee CMA region.

The LWAC is responsible for guidance on community input and engagement in Mallee CMA initiatives and regional plans from a community perspective, with input to the Board through the Board representative/s.

Community Reference Groups

There are three community reference groups - the Aboriginal Reference Group, The Living Murray Hattah Community Reference Group and The Living Murray Lindsay, Wallpolla, Mulcra, Community Reference Group.

The community reference groups are responsible for community input and engagement in Mallee CMA initiatives, as well as oversight of the implementation of the Mallee RCS from the community's perspective.

Technical Advisory Committees

Technical Advisory Committees for the asset classes of biodiversity, water and land are convened by the Mallee CMA to ensure a high level of rigour and technical expertise in the development and implementation of projects. These committees also provide a valuable forum for partnerships, technical advice and support to the Mallee CMA.

The technical advisory committees consist of members drawn from agencies and local organisations with technical expertise, as well as Mallee CMA Board member(s).

Technical Advisory Sub-committees and Project Steering Committees

Sub-committees and Steering committees of the technical advisory committees are responsible for specialist technical input into specific project delivery.

Board Sub-committees

Board sub-committees are responsible for specific functions as directed by the Board.

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