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On Ground Works

The monitoring and evaluation of on-ground projects implemented by the Biodiversity Program occurs at three levels:

  • The location, type and objective of completed works projects (short term);

  • The impact of works on reducing the incidence and severity of associated threatening processes (medium term);

  • The impact of works on improving the condition of associated environmental assets (long term).

Further detail on a selection of on-ground works monitoring and evaluation projects delivered by the program is provided below.

The ‘Quantification of the Impact of Land Management Practices on Priority Remnant Vegetation across the Dryland Mallee Landscape’ project developed and validated a methodology to determine the impact of stock containment areas and stock exclusion fencing on the quality of remnant vegetation.


The ‘Monitoring the Impact and Effectiveness of On Ground Works Programs’ developed and implemented a methodology to determine the condition of the asset and the incidence/severity of threatening processes both prior to and after the implementation of a range of on ground works.


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