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The Tyrrell Project: Ancient Landscapes, New Connections

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The Tyrrell Project: Ancient Landscapes, New Connections, is a community-driven landscape-scale project that celebrates the unique social, cultural and environmental values of this iconic landscape by developing strong working partnerships to deliver lasting outcomes.  

This project is part of a $22 million initiative funded by the Victorian Governments, Our Catchments, Our Communities Program.

What will The Tyrrell Project deliver?

The Tyrrell Project will be delivered over four years. Planning commenced in late 2016, with the project being rolled out until 2020.

Under this project, key activities to be delivered include:

  • Improving biodiversity by increasing areas of native vegetation and/or supplement existing areas;
  • Tackling invasive species such as priority weeds, rabbits, foxes and feral cats to restore degraded habitat, enhance regeneration opportunities and reduce predation on native animals;
  • Installation and maintenance of fences and bollards to protect high-value areas;
  • Installation of habitat structures to assist the recovery of threatened species;
  • Improving visitor facilities to increase amenity/accessibility at priority sites;
  • Establishing management agreements to secure long term outcomes; and,
  • Delivering exciting new education and awareness programs aimed at providing opportunities for people to learn more about the region they love.

The Tyrrell Project compliments significant community interest in the tourism and associated economic benefits of Lake Tyrrell, while providing the opportunity to further support existing community activities and priorities across a wider project area; including, the protection and enhancement of the regions natural and cultural values.

Do you live near Lake Tyrrell, Tyrrell Creek or Lalbert Creek?  Would you like to have a say on how the region’s local natural assets could be enhanced? Then please contact Rian Caccianiga, Project Manager Land and Biodiversity on 0427 540 468 or 5051 4364 to be a part of this community-driven project.

Information and updates on our projects can be found below:

Tyrrell Project Fact Sheet

For further information regarding this project.

Stoney Crossing Track Repairs - March 2018

A management agreement was established with the Sea Lake Landcare Group, in co-operation with the Sea Lake Off-Road Club, to repair the Stoney Creek Crossing track, at Lake Tyrrell. The track rationalisation works at the Crossing will minimise soil erosion and environmental damage to the surrounding area while enhancing and protecting native vegetation.

Cokum Bushland Reserve Site Visit 30th January 2018

Mallee CMA met with several members of the local community on January 30, to discuss proposed works at Cokum Bushland Reserve, including a walking trail, re-vegetation and upgrades to existing visitor facilities. A field assessment was completed at the reserve by Australian Cultural Heritage Management and Traditional Owners, with no sites of cultural significance identified within the reserve. Mallee CMA are currently working with DELWP and the community to establish a Community Committee of Management over the Cokum Bushland Reserve.

Lake Marlbed - Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) Assessment - 17th January 2018

A field assessment of Lake Marlbed was conducted with the Barengi Gadjin Land COuncil, Traditional Owners and Australian Cultural Heritage Management (ACHM) on January 17th this year. the assessment identified nine culturally significant sites (eg: scar trees) within the reserve. These sites will be registered within the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register and also included in the reserve's CHMP.

Birchip Bio-Links Sites 2018

Two re-vegetation corridors in Birchip have been sprayed and slashed in preparation for planting in May 2018. These sites will be re-vegetated to increase habitat linkages across the landscape.

The Tyrrell Film Projects - November 2017

Two short films were developed to celebrate the unique cultural, social and environmental values of this iconic landscape and introduce the Our Catchments Our Communities project and the people involved in delivering the project. View the Facebook post of film one here and film two here

Birchip School Visit - 4th November 2017

Mallee CMA visited the year 8 class at Birchip P-12 School, to workshop content for the interpretative signs being installed at Tchum Lake. The signs are being installed along the new walking trail, to promote the social, cultural and environmental values of the lake.

Private landholder grants - 14th October 2017

A grants program was opened in October to support private landholders to undertake works including the protection of riparian habitat, fencing of riparian vegetation and controlling Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) within priority remnant vegetation along Tyrrell and Lalbert creeks. In total, five landholders submitted applications to fence over 10km of priority riparian vegetation along the creeks. View Facebook post here.

Our Catchments  Our Communities Bush Tucker and Seed Collection Day - 29th October 2017

A bush tucker and seed collection event was held at Tchum Lake, Birchip, on October 29th. Guest speakers, Sandii Lewis and Daniel Burton presented on native seed collection, local re-vegetation projects and the culinary and medicinal purposes of bush tucker. It was an interactive morning, with 25 attendees given the opportunity to plant their own native sees to propagate and to taste local bush tucker including bush banana, old man salt bush, quandongs, kangaroo and emu. View Facebook post here.

Tchum Lake Walking Trail - 25th October 2017

A management agreement was established with Tchum Lake Aquatic Club on September 27, to install a walking trail around the lake. Club members and local landholders carted the gravel to Tchum Lake, with a contractor completing the walking trail in November 2017. Link to Facebook story here.

 Landcare Grants - September 2017

A devolved grants round was opened in September 2017 to support community based natural resource management (NRM) groups to protect and restore the Mallee landscape. The Our Catchment Our Communities project is supporting four Landcare Groups to control pests plants and animals, to protect priority remnant vegetation near Lake Tyrrell, Tyrrell Creek and Lalbert Creek. In total nearly 2000 hectares will be controlled for woody weeds and 5000 hectares controlled for pest animals.

Lake Marlbed site visit - 4th September 2017

Mallee CMA met with Parks Victoria, Yibunga Group, Aboriginal Victoria and the Wetland Community Reference Group on September 4, to discuss the proposed works at Lake Marlbed. Local Parks' rangers and members of Yibunga Group identified a number of culturally and historically significant sites within the project area and opportunities for  future works that would benefit and protect the natural values at Lake Marlbed.


Creek Community Reference Group Meeting - 29 August 2017

The Creek Community Reference Group met to discuss project works that will benefit the natural and cultural values for both the Tyrrell and Lalbert Creeks, whilst also enhancing recreational opportunities for local communities and to increase tourism in the area.

Wetland Community Reference Group Meeting - 19 July 2017

The Wetland Community Reference Group met to discuss the benefits of using remote cameras to record native species (in particular threatened species) that frequent their wetlands and to monitor pest animal activity to help inform on-farm pest animal control.  In addition, the Group commenced planning of works at  Towma (Lake Marlbed) Flora & Fauna Reserve to improve and promote the natural and cultural values of this site, whilst also improving visitor accessibility and recreational opportunities for the local community.

Wetland Care Stewardship Program

A total of 217 Ha of significant riparian habitat will be covered by management agreements with private landholders to further protect and enhance the natural values of these sites.  Works include pest plant and animal control, revegetation activities and the installation and repair of stock exclusion fencing over the next three years. 


Landmark Tourism Boost to Lake Tyrrell - 29 June 2017

The $2.58 million Lake Tyrrell Tourism Infrastructure Development Project, funded through the Victorian Government's Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund, has just been announced.  'The Tyrrell Project' will support and value-add to this latest project, whilst also providing a range of opportunities for tourism within the broader project area, focusing on the protection and promotion of natural and cultural values.


Inland Carpet Python Survey - 24 March 2017
This community workshop included a talk from a local ecologist about the ecological values of Tyrrell and Lalbert creeks followed by a one hour spotlighting survey along Tyrrell Creek.


Nullawil Primary School Visit - 21 April 2017

Mallee CMA had the opportunity to learn 'What's in your Backyard?' with Nullawil Primary School, introducing the concept of citizen science and creating awareness of threatened species found in their area.

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