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It is recognised that there are several threatening processes which impact on the regions asset base that can be directly related to the management (both historical and current) of dryland agricultural land.


The key focus of the Land Resources Program is to facilitate the protection of the region’s natural assets from any further impact of these processes. This is achieved through both the implementation of targeted on-ground interventions and the widespread adoption of farming systems and management practices that have been validated as both economically and environmentally sustainable within the dryland Mallee agricultural landscape.

Regional assets that directly benefit from the implementation of the Land Resources Program include land for primary production, native fauna, native flora, soil, waterways, cultural heritage; and the environmental, social and economic services each provides.

Projects & Activities

For information on projects and associated activities delivered by the Land Resources Program, please select from the list below:


Fact Sheets provide a summary of projects and can be a useful tool for finding out details about activities being conducted in the region. To view a full list of Land Fact Sheets click here.

Technical Bulletins are detailed summaries of major projects delivered by the Land Resources program.  To view the Technical Bulletins produced to date, click here.

Final reports from a selection of projects delivered by the Land Resources program can be downloaded by clicking here.

Decision Support and Awareness Raising Tools

The Mallee Groundwater Bore Database provides an easily accessible way to obtain groundwater bore data from across the Mallee CMA region. The database includes salinity and depth-to-groundwater levels for individual bores,  trends of these parameters and where the information is available, bore construction details.

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