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Dryland Salinity

Monitoring of groundwater levels has been conducted in some form in the Mallee CMA region since 1960.  A review was conducted in 2009 to produce a revised groundwater monitoring program and bore monitoring network.

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The Mallee Groundwater Bore database (Internet Explorer only) provides an easily accessible way to obtain groundwater bore data across the Mallee CMA region. The database includes salinity and depth to groundwater levels for individual bores,  trends of these parameters; and where the information is available, bore construction details.

The information provided by this long term monitoring program has enabled the delivery of a range of projects designed to improve our understanding of the geology and hydrogeology of the Mallee and to better determine groundwater threats.

Further detail on a selection of projects delivered by the Land Resources Program in relation to dryland salinity is provided below.

The Groundwater Trends in the Victorian Mallee Region project modelled groundwater level trends and provided projections of future levels in the Mallee CMA region. Current (2007) and predicted (2030 and 2050) depth to groundwater maps were a primary output of the project.

The Mallee Vertical Leakage Estimates project has provided improved estimates of vertical leakage by recalculating leakage values using recently installed Mallee groundwater observation bores.

The Bore Decommissioning Program has enabled the decommissioning of 287 failing bores in the Mallee region. Bores that have failed allow saline water from the upper aquifer to pass through the failed bore into the fresh water aquifer, polluting and reducing the quality of this resource.

The Murrayville Groundwater Quality Monitoring project undertook sampling and analysis of 57 bores in over a five year timeframe (2003 – 2008) in response to community concerns around the potential for deteriorating water quality in the Murray Group Limestone Aquifer. For more information on the Murrayville Water Supply Protection Area (WSPA) and ongoing monitoring in the area please visit the GWMWater website.

The Mapping the Area of Saline Land project has addressed deficiencies in the accuracy and completeness of information available on saline land in the Victorian Mallee by mapping and classifying (natural or induced) saline surfaces in the region.

The Tyrrell Basin Groundwater Flow System project undertook a detailed description of the hydrogeology and geology of the area for an improved understanding of relevant processes, and the development of appropriate management responses,

A range of salinity notes have been developed for a number of land systems in the Mallee. A review of the bore information, the development of a conceptual hydrogeological model and recharge analysis has been completed for selected land systems. Technical Bulletins will be available soon on the following systems:

  • Hopetoun Land System

  • Culgoa Land System

  • Cowangie Land System

  • Manangatang Land System

  • West Mallee Land System


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