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FFV presentations

Flooding lessons learnt from the past - P Bennett
Agency Overview - DEPI
Agency Overview - CMAs
Agency Overview - Melbourne Water
Agency Overview - MAV
Agency Overview - Vic SES
Agency Overview - BOM
Agency Overview - FMA
Maximising the value of community input- S Morgan
RainWatchers program: community rainfall collation- B Henderson
Engaging communities and stakeholders to better manage floods- N O'Broin
How flood managers see things - B Cook
Stormwater - untapping the potential - K Sestokas
A Critical review of the rainfall on grid approach- B Tate
AR & R Project: test catchments and 2D modelling - R Swan
The need for speed in flood modelling - R Connell
When Noah comes to Mildura Feb 2011- R Tindall
Management of residual flood waters - K Gill
4_Lucas_Flood mitigation improvement in Creswick since the 2010-11 floods.ppsx
Community Flood Recovery - D Booth
Levees an approach to surveying levee condition- A Woodman
Floodplain vegetation: potential for recovery- C Campbell
Managed environmental watering on HL - F Freestone
Innovative flood monitoring - J Cameron & D McPhee
Developing a new floodplain management strat- D Riley
Improving flood controls - E Cummins & S Cover
Creating Communication pathways - A Sheehan
Towards integrating multi-sources sensors - F Alamdara
Revision of Australian rainfall and runoff - T Ladson
Flood modelling and data visualisation- P Pedruco
Environmental watering - D Flett
Improving connectivity of unregulated flows - E Hind
The evolution of practices in response to climate change - O Moles
Water corporations and floods - M Bailey
Infrastructure recovery workshop- M Styles
Flood recovery - E Sheridan
Living behind a levee - D Manolache
Emergency management - J Buffone
Floodzoom - S Muncaster
The insurability of Australian flood risk
Improving flood insurance - A Dyer
River operation in high water events - D Dreverman
MDBC - The Murray River Flood Problem
Levee management guidelines - V Brenners
Day 1 Session
Lunch Day 1
Sandilong Creek, Flood marker tree
Day 2 - Panel Discussion
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