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Lindsay Island

Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla Islands are located on the Murray River, between Mildura and Renmark. The three islands lie within the Murray Sunset National Park.

Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla Islands are located on the Murray River, between Mildura and Renmark. The three islands lie within the Murray Sunset National Park.

Mulcra, Lindsay and Wallpolla Islands are formed by anabranches of the Murray River. All three islands are steeped in cultural history, with Indigenous occupation dating back thousands of years. Traditional owners favoured the islands’ reliable food sources of fish, red meats and native vegetables. Surveys have found many scar trees, hearths, campsites, shell middens and burial grounds. Mulcra and Lindsay Islands are also home to some of Victoria’s most densely populated burial grounds and cemeteries.

On Lindsay Island, two environmental regulators have already been installed at Lake Wallawalla and one at Webster’s Lagoon, as part of The Living Murray works and measures program. The regulators enable water to be held in or out of the wetlands, up to a certain level.

The works

Three environmental regulators are planned to provide more natural hydrological regimes within the Lindsay River and Mullaroo Creek, which are among the most important Murray Cod breeding grounds in the Murray Darling Basin.

These regulators will help improve the availability and quality of habitat for native fish, as well as watering stressed riparian vegetation. The works target in-stream ecological objectives, rather than floodplain objectives like those that will be achieved by both the Mulcra and Hattah Lakes projects.

Regulators are proposed for the northern and southern Lindsay River inlets. The southern Lindsay River inlet is dry under normal weir pool levels. The northern Lindsay inlet receives minimal flows under normal weir pool levels. Installing regulators at both of these junctions with the Murray River, combined with some creek lowering works, will enable environmental watering in these reaches.

Also planned for construction is a regulator and fishway to manage flows down Mullaroo Creek, while maintaining optimal habitat and breeding conditions for Murray Cod. Design objectives include the ability to manage flows in the Mullaroo Creek independently of weir pool levels, while maintaining fish passage through this Murray Cod breeding ground.

As the works focus on providing ecologically appropriate flows to waterways, rather than inundating large areas of dry floodplain, the amount of water required is relatively small.

Partner agencies involved in delivering this package of works include the Murray Darling Basin Authority, Mallee Catchment Management Authority, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Parks Victoria and S.A. Water.

Construction of the regulators is expected to begin mid 2013.

A second stage of large-scale water management structures are also under investigation for Lindsay Island. To learn more about these works, please click here:  Lindsay Island Stage 2 Project 

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