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Mulcra Island

Mulcra Island covers about 3000 hectares of the Chowilla Floodplain and Lindsay-Wallpolla Islands Icon Site and lies between Lindsay and Wallpolla Islands.

The Islands are formed by anabranches of the Murray River. All three islands are steeped in cultural history, with Indigenous occupation dating back thousands of years. Traditional owners favoured the islands’ reliable food sources of fish, red meats and native vegetables. Surveys have found many scar trees, hearths, campsites, shell middens and burial grounds. Mulcra and Lindsay Islands are also home to some of Victoria’s most densely populated burial grounds and cemeteries.

The works

Five environmental regulators will be built at Mulcra Island and operated to mimic natural flooding patterns – delivering more frequent flows down the Potterwalkagee Creek, filling wetlands and inundating floodplain areas during early winter through to late spring, and allowing them to dry through summer. A series of complementary works (sill lowering, road rehabilitation) will also be completed. The entire package is expected to cost $6.2 million.

The regulators will be operated to achieve floodplain inundation subject to availability of environmental water. Under the maximum flood level that can be achieved with these environmental regulators, more than 800 hectares of floodplain and wetlands on both the NSW and Victorian sides of the river will be inundated.

Of the 40 gigalitres required to achieve this inundation, 35 gigalitres will be returned to the River Murray and will be available for re-allocation downstream. The majority of this water is required to raise the weir pool and maintain flow-through during the operation.

This project represents strong tri-state relationships between agencies and landholders in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. Partner agencies include the Murray Darling Basin Authority, Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA), Department of Sustainability and Environment, Parks Victoria and S.A Water.

Construction started at Mulcra Island in June 2010. To follow the construction process click here.

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Mulcra Island Tour



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Mulcra Island

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