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Basin Plan environmental works projects

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Investigations are underway into the development of environmental works projects at seven sites within the Victorian Mallee.

These projects aim to deliver environmental outcomes under the Murray-Darling Basin Plan using less water. Together, these projects have the potential to reduce the amount of water taken out of consumptive use to meet the environmental objectives set in the Basin Plan.

 Projects are being considered for the following locations:
•     Lindsay Island
•     Wallpolla Island
•     Hattah Lakes
•     Belsar-Yungera
•     Burra Creek
•     Vinifera
•     Nyah

The proposed environmental works projects involve using engineering works such as regulators, pipes and pumps, to efficiently and effectively deliver water to wetlands and floodplains.

These projects are currently in the early stages of development. Funding has been provided to investigate the proposed works and develop business cases, but the works have not been funded.

A business case is currently being developed for each site, which involves completing modelling and risk assessments that consider flooding, salinity impacts, cultural heritage and how construction works might affect plants and animals.

Please find below fact sheets containing detailed information on the environmental projects and the development process. 

Project overview

Site summaries

Project timeline

Environmental works explained

Frequently Asked Questions

Alternatively if you would like to know more please contact the Mallee CMA on 5051 4377 or follow us on Twitter @MalleeCMA


Environmental Works Project locations

Location of proposed environmental works projects. 

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