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Sustainable Irrigation Farming

An important component of the Regional Sustainability program is a number of projects aimed at increasing the adoption of sustainable irrigation farming practices.

These include:

  • Skills Development in Application Efficiency;
  • Application Efficiency Assessment (Irrigation Benchmarking);
  • Implementation of the Victorian Mallee New Irrigation Development Guidelines;
  • Irrigation Incentives.

Skills Development in Application Efficiency:

The Mallee CMA in collaboration with the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) has developed a number of training courses and workshops aimed at increasing irrigators’ skill level and management expertise. These training courses are delivered by DEPI and constitute a mixture of hands-on field work and class room activities. The courses are free and are run on demand.

Specific courses include:

  • Irrigation Management Course;
  • Drip Maintenance and Management;
  • Fertigation Programs and Hardware;
  • Pump Maintenance and Efficiency;
  • Irrigation Scheduling;
  • Soil Water Interpretation;
  • Sprinkler System Maintenance;
  • Managing with Reduced Water Allocations.

Any grower interested in attending any of these courses can contact Maxine Schache at the DEDJTR on 5051 4500.

Application Efficiency Assessment:

Application Efficiency Assessment enables participating irrigators to evaluate and compare their irrigation performance. Participants provide details of irrigations (volume and timing) and crop production. They then receive a report comprising a number of irrigation performance indicators that are calculated from the growers’ data including:

  • Yield and Irrigation Water Applied;
  • Application Efficiency;
  • Yield and Irrigation Systems.

Any grower interested in participating can contact Maxine Schache at the DEDJTR on 5051 4500. 

Irrigation incentives:

A program of irrigation incentives is provided under the Regional Sustainability program aimed at increasing water use efficiency. For more information click on Irrigation Incentives. 

Implementation of the Victorian Mallee New Irrigation Development Guidelines

All enquiries regarding irrigation development should be made direct to the Mallee Irrigation Development Coordinator, within the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR). 

All developments are case managed by the IDC who will be able to provider further information and guide developers through each step of the process.

For more information contact the IDC on 5051 4500

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