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Mallee Wetland Sites to Receive Environmental Water in 2018/19 Announced

The Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) has received confirmation on the local wetlands which will receive water for the environment in 2018, and urge everybody to plan a future weekend to visit these awe-inspiring sites.

Water for the environment will be provided this season at varying times for a number of wetlands and river anabranches along the Mallee’s Murray River floodplain. These include Lindsay River, Potterwalkagee Creek, Wallpolla Island, Brickworks Lagoon, Lake Hawthorn, Burra Creek, and the Nyah and Vinifera Forrest. 

Water delivered to these sites is from a proposal the Mallee CMA submitted at the start of the year to the Victorian Environmental Water Holder. Sites chosen were based on local and scientific knowledge; ensuring water will be delivered to wetlands as efficiently and effectively as possible.  When considering sites to receive water for the environment, current and predicted climatic conditions and its effect on water allocations, were a key part of the decision making process.

Brad Hollis, Manager Environmental Water with the Mallee CMA advised “We know water delivered to local wetlands is producing positive outcomes. The monitoring results has shown both small and large fish are breeding in response to watering events, the number and type of birds at our local wetlands has increased and plant health, including River Red Gums are recovering.”

The Mallee CMA understands the community’s passion for their local wetlands and rivers and encourages everybody to get out and enjoy these sites.  

“I have noticed when speaking to the community that their best memories tend to be times they had with friends and family at the river or a local wetland. This has helped to reinforce the importance of continuing to look after these sites and ensure they are there for the future.”

"Water for the environment is about balancing social, cultural and economic benefits, sustaining Country for Traditional Owners and improving water quality for farmers and irrigators." Mr Hollis said


Delivery times for environmental will vary throughout the season and the MCMA encourages the community to check their website for more information about the watering times to ensure site access is available. 

Murray River Wetlands Flyer

Wimmera-Mallee Wetlands Flyer 

Map of Lindsay and Mulcra IIslands

Map of Wallpolla Horseshoe, Merbein and Mildura floodplains.

Map of Burra Creek

Map of Nyah and Vinifera

Map of Wimmera-Mallee wetlands

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