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New fences help protect fire affected areas

More than 44 kilometres of new fencing has been installed to replace fences damaged in the 2014 bushfires in the southern Mallee.

New fences help protect fire affected areas

Heather Davidson from Nypo standing next to a stock proof fence replaced under the program, which helps to protect two areas totalling approximately 8.9 hectares

The new fencing helps protect 897 hectares of fire-affected high value vegetation on private land, improving habitat for key threatened species such as Regent Parrots, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo and Malleefowl.

This project was supported by the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA), through funding from the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements. 

“These new fences will help protect regenerating plants from damage by pest animals,” Mallee CMA Chair Sharyon Peart said.

“The on-ground fencing works were done by local contractors, who worked across 28 sites to repair fencing at Bronzewing, Nypo, Paradise, and Wyperfeld.”

Funding for the fence repairs was made available to support the recovery of key threatened species and communities that were identified as those at most risk from the fires. 

“Currently, the Regent Parrot, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, Malleefowl, and Pine/Buloke Woodlands have been directly impacted by the fires through loss of habitat and food resources,” Ms Peart said.  

“Prior to the new fencing being installed, many of the over-storey and shrub species in these areas were not regenerating as rabbits, kangaroos and stock were grazing on regenerating seedlings and the habitat was being further degraded by weed invasions.”

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