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Actions and Achievements Report 2014-15

The Victorian Catchment Management Authorities Actions and Achievements Report provides a standardised ‘output’ approach to reporting actions delivered annually by each of the ten Victorian Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs); through partnerships with government agencies, industry, land managers and the wider community.

Actions and Achievements Report 2014-15

VCMA Actions and Achievement Report 2014-15

The first of these reports, which was released in 2013-14, focused on documenting the actions delivered under Victorian Government funding.  In 2014-15 we have built on this approach by also including outputs achieved through Commonwealth and ‘other’ funding sources.

The report forms part of the monitoring of programs by each CMA board and will be submitted to Government and community each year.

To read the 2014-15 report online please click here.

To download a printable pdf version of the 2014-15 report please click here.

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