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Connecting Wetlands - Wimmera Mallee Pipeline

Community members are being asked to nominate local wetlands for connection to the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline.

Connecting Wetlands - Wimmera Mallee Pipeline

Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Fact Sheet

Many wetlands and dams across the region are important watering points for flora and fauna species. In the past, these water bodies have relied on water from the open channel system. To ensure these wetlands/dams can be protected and sustained into the future, the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Project has allocated up to 1,000 megalitres (ML) from water savings to be used for off-stream wetlands.

Community members have the opportunity to nominate wetlands to receive some of this water. By filling out an Expression of Interest form and returning it to Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water, people can suggest the local wetlands they would like to see connected to the pipeline.

More information and the Expression of Interest form can be downloaded by clicking here.


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