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Farmers urged to consider covenants

Mallee landholders are being encouraged to secure long-term protection of native vegetation on their properties by taking out conservation covenants.

Farmers urged to consider covenants

Dodonaea flower

A conservation covenant is a permanent agreement placed on a property’s title to ensure native vegetation and wildlife on the covenanted site are protected into the future.

Conservation covenants can cover the whole property or only part of a property and can apply to remnant vegetation or new revegetation on private land. They cost the landowner nothing to register on the title.

“Covenants give landowners a chance to make a contribution to the future conservation of native plants and animals in the Mallee region,” explained Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) Chairperson Ms Sharyon Peart.

By choosing to covenant a site, landowners can ensure that remnant vegetation and the native species which use this as habitat are protected for generations to come.

“Many landholders value the native vegetation on their properties and are also concerned about the environmental values of the broader landscape in which they are situated,” Ms Peart said.

A conservation covenant can be created as part of the Mallee Habitat Tender programs currently open to landholders in the central and southern Mallee. Sites selected by the landholder for permanent protection under these programs will be administered by Trust for Nature (under the Victorian Conservation Trust Act 1972).

For more information contact Mallee CMA project officer Elizabeth Gosling on 5051 4365 or visit the Mallee CMA website

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