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Friends welcome watering at Merbein Common

Pumping has started to deliver 450 ML of environmental water to the Merbein Common under the autumn/winter environmental watering program. This water will top up levels in Cowanna Billabong and return flows to Brickworks Billabong.

Friends welcome watering at Merbein Common

People attending the Friends of Merbein Common Community Day witness the start of environmental watering. Photo: Lisa Clark Photography.

About 80 community members turned out celebrate the start of environmental watering at Merbein Common, as part of the annual Friends of Merbein Common community day on Sunday, May 23, 2010.  It is expected to take about one month to deliver the environmental water.

It will be the first time environmental water has been delivered to Cowanna Billabong and the first time since 2006 that Brickworks Billabong has received environmental water.

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