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Funding injection for four local Landcare groups

Four local Landcare groups have received funding for vital on-ground environmental works that will help protect the unique semi-arid woodlands of the Victorian Mallee.

Funding injection for four local Landcare groups

Above: Buloke woodlands in the Mallee.

The Sea Lake Landcare Group tops the list of recipients with a $42,000 grant to protect remnant vegetation along Dunmunkle Creek. This underpins the Sea Lake group’s long term plan to protect inland waterways, creating a significant environmental corridor linking Lake Tyrrell to Green Lake. The first stage will involve 10 landholders, who will work together to fence off the creek line and protect habitat for threatened species, such as the Inland Carpet Python.

The Birchip Landcare Group will use its $23,420 grant to protect isolated areas of Buloke woodlands on private land, helping to enhance over 88 hectares of priority vegetation.

The Kooloonong Natya Landcare Group’s grant of $11,550 will protect priority woodlands along an abandoned rail line from Natya to Piangle. The old rail line has scattered natural vegetation, but this project will help restore a more even spread of vegetation, which will help small birds and mammals to move between the Natya and Piangle reserves.

The Nyah West Landcare Group will invest its $6,600 grant into rabbit suppression works. This project builds on work already undertaken by private landholders and will see specialist equipment bought in to tackle rabbit infestations, while preserving the biodiversity values on-farm.

The grants are part of the Group Based Environmental Management Action Planning (EMAP) Grants Program, which was co-ordinated by the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA), through funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country.

“These grants help Landcare groups by giving them financial support to implement important protection works on private land across our region, while also providing Mallee farmers with the opportunity and means to have these works carried out on their land,” Mallee CMA chair Joan Burns said.

“In developing these projects, Landcare groups have been engaging directly with a number of landholders across the region and building working relationships that will benefit the community and environment.”

This is the first time this grants program has been offered to Landcare groups in the Victorian Mallee and follows on from a series of environmental planning workshops organised by the Mallee CMA earlier this year.

At the workshops, Landcare groups planned their priorities and projects for the next five years, which resulted in the production of Group Based Environmental Management Action Plans that allowed these groups to identify works in their local area that could be aligned with future funding opportunities, such as the Group Based EMAP Grants Program.

The Group Based EMAP Grants Program has a particular focus on providing funding for Landcare groups to conduct remnant protection works along with secondary rabbit and weed control activities in priority woodlands on private property.

The Mallee CMA hopes to offer another round of Group Based EMAP Grants later this year.

For more information on the latest grants and incentives offered by the Mallee CMA, check out our incentives page or phone 5051 4377.

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