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Get your guide to Mallee lizards

A new field guide to Mallee lizards has been developed and is now available free of charge.

Get your guide to Mallee lizards

This big lizard gets up close and personal with the new Mallee Lizards Field Guide

More lizard species are found in the Mallee than anywhere else in Victoria.

The field guide, which has been developed by the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA), includes 48 lizard species, including many rare and threatened species.

“This field guide has wonderful photographs of the lizards found in the Victorian Mallee, with simple descriptions and interesting facts,” Mallee CMA Board Chair Sharyon Peart said.

“It will be a useful tool for individuals, schools and groups to identify lizards when they are out and about in their local environment.”

Lizards in the Mallee occupy a wide range of habitats, from semi-arid to wetter environments closer to waterways. Many depend upon the specialised habitat in which they live; others are more adaptable and can live almost anywhere, including farming and urban environments.

The Mallee lizard field guide is part of a series of field guides developed by the Mallee CMA to showcase different groups of fauna within the region. Other field guides include Mallee waterbirds and Mallee frogs.

To launch the Mallee lizards field guide, the Mallee CMA organised a live lizard display at the Mildura Field Days, which gave people the chance to get up close and personal with a range of lizards from the Mallee and beyond. 

Copies of the Mallee lizards field guide are available from the Mallee CMA at the DPI Complex on the corner of Eleventh Street and Koorlong Avenue, Irymple, or by contacting the Mallee CMA on 5051 4377.

Click here for a pdf version of the Mallee lizard field guide

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