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Jennings Bridge regulator completed

The first of two new environmental structures at Kings Billabong Park has been completed.

Jennings Bridge regulator completed

The Jennings Bridge regulator at Kings Billabong Park.

As part of efforts to improve the health of Ducksfoot Lagoon and the Butlers Creek system, an environmental regulator has been built adjacent to Jennings Bridge. Work is now underway on the construction of a second regulator adjacent to Baggs Bridge.

When both regulators are complete, they will help to contain water within Ducksfoot Lagoon and the Butlers Creek system, allowing the wetland and creek to have increased inundation during a natural wet phase. Any additional water required to increase the level of the wetlands will be accessed through environmental water allocations. The regulators will also be used to exclude water and allow the creek and wetland to have a drying phase at the appropriate time of the year.

This natural variation in water levels will help to improve water quality in Ducksfoot Lagoon and Butlers Creek, as well as help to reduce carp numbers.

The regulators are made from interlocking Plastipile material, which is a patented recycled plastic product.  The structures will also have a regulator gate and carp screen.

Installation of the Jennings Bridge regulator began in June and was completed mid-July. The regulator at Baggs Bridge is expected to be finished by early August.

The project is being managed by the Mallee Catchment Management Authority, in partnership with Parks Victoria, with funding from the Victorian Government’s Victorian Water Trust Rivers of High Environmental Return Opportunity program.

For more details on this project, click here to download a Fact Sheet.

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