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Lakes fill community with joy

Local residents can now enjoy the full benefits of nearby Lakes Powell and Carpul for the first time in nearly 20 years and they have themselves to thank.

Lakes fill community with joy

Lake Powell locals enjoy the benefits of environmental watering

The Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) approached the local community about providing environmental water to the lakes after assessments found that the wetlands were healthy but had been dry for too long.

The Mallee CMA and environmental water management partners Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH), together with Parks Victoria, worked with the community to determine the best way to get water from a nearby creek into the lakes.

Mallee CMA Board Chairperson Sharyon Peart said the watering couldn’t have happened without the support and involvement of the community.

“The community was excited by the idea of the lakes being full and was on board from the start,” she said.

“Their support was imperative to this project by allowing us to lay pipes and permitting trucks to access the tracks on their private properties.

“The lakes have introduced a new way of life for those living in the area, many of the young people received canoes and water activity gear for Christmas,” Ms. Peart said.

Watering began in late July 2011 to fill both Lake Powell and Carpul and since then, community members have assisted with observations of the watering, allowing the Mallee CMA to keep a close eye on the conditions.

The Mallee CMA also worked with the Mid Murray Field Naturalists to see the response of waterbirds to the watering and over 20 species were recorded, including the Blue-billed Duck and Great Egret.

Ms Peart said the benefits to the surrounding area as a result of the watering were evident.

“The River Red gums and Black Box trees around the lakes have flourished and the surrounding environment is much healthier,” she said.

“The watering will return a more natural wetting and drying cycle to the lakes,” Ms Peart concluded.

Works on Lake Powell are now complete and Lake Carpul is expected to be complete in the coming months.

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