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Local meeting to spearhead attack on noxious Athel Pines

NYAH residents are being urged to attend a meeting next month as part of a local effort to tackle the spread of the destructive weed Athel Pine.

Local meeting to spearhead attack on noxious Athel Pines

Athel pine

Athel Pines (tamarix) have been planted across Australia since the 1930s to provide shade and
windbreaks, but the trees are actually classified as Weeds of National Significance and are known
to block sewer lines and water pipes, while the salt excreted from the leaves rusts metal objects
and prevents other plants from growing.

One of Australia’s leading experts on Athel Pines – Kay Bailey – will be guest speaker at a meeting
at the Nyah Hall on April 8. As the national Athel Pine co-ordinator for the Weeds of National
Significance program, Ms Bailey has extensive experience in dealing with this noxious weed and
will discuss ways the weed has been controlled in other areas, including the Northern Territory.
The meeting, which is being hosted by the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA), will
kick start local efforts to both identify and control Athel Pines in the Nyah area.

“We are keen to see local landholders attend this meeting to learn more about these weeds and
ways we can work together to control the spread Athel Pines,” Mallee CMA Board chair Joan
Burns said.

“The Authority is currently mapping infestations of Athel Pine in the region with a focus on
infestations along waterways due to their potential to spread via seed floating on water.
“This mapping program will involve logging the GPS co-ordinates of Athel Pine infestations into a
database and then implementing control methods at targeted areas.”

Ms Burns said the database of Athel Pine populations would also be a useful tool to substantiate
funding bids for further control works in the future.

The Athel Pine community information session will be held at the Nyah Hall, Murray Valley
Highway, Nyah from 9am on Friday, April 8, 2011. The event will conclude with a light lunch at

For more information or to confirm your attendance, contact Malcolm Thompson from the Mallee
CMA on 50 364828; via mobile 0427 514 378; or via email to

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