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Locals have a say in natural resource management

THIRTEEN people from across the Victorian Mallee have been appointed to a new committee that will have input into how the region’s natural resources are managed.

Locals have a say in natural resource management

Land and Water Advisory Committee members in discussion at the meeting in Ouyen on January 17, 2013.

The Land and Water Advisory Committee has been formed by the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) to ensure locals have a say in the management of land, water and biodiversity.

Membership was open to people living in the four key areas of the Mallee CMA region – north, east, west and south. The region runs from the South Australian border across to Beulah and Birchip; up to Nyah and along the Murray River back to the South Australian border.

Serving on the new committee is Andrew Hudson, Ian Arney, Robert Biggs, Owen Lloyd and Bill Nicol from the north of the region; Debbie Green, Chris Greig, Tim Millen and Andrew Menzies from the east; Dorothy Reid, Richard Ferrier and Ron Wiseman from the southern part of the region; and Dot Brown from the west.

Mallee CMA Board chairperson Sharyon Peart said the Land and Water Advisory Committee held a successful inaugural meeting in Ouyen earlier this month.

“The key role of this committee is to provide advice from a community perspective on the way our region’s land, water and biodiversity is managed,” she said.

“There is an enormous amount of experience and talent on this committee, which sets a strong foundation for having valuable community input into the management of our region’s natural resources.”

Ms Peart said the Land and Water Advisory Committee offers a cohesive approach to incorporating community input into natural resource management and reflects the integrated way the region operates and is managed.

“This committee has a good mix of local people who have skills and experience in leadership; land use planning; communication, community involvement; Landcare; cultural heritage; business management; farming; natural resource management; or sustainable agriculture,” Ms Peart said.

The committee will meet six times a year, in various places across the region.

For more information on the Land and Water Advisory Committee, contact Lauren Murphy at the Mallee CMA on 5051 4331.

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