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Mildura West Primary School students lead the way

Mildura West Primary School students will represent the region at a major environmental conference, thanks to sponsorship from the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA).

Mildura West Primary School students lead the way

Mallee CMA Board Chair Joan Burns presented the Mildura West Primary School students with sponsorship to attend a major environmental conference.

The “Kids Teaching Kids” conference begins in Albury on August 16 and will see thirteen Year 6 Mildura West students giving a presentation on their knowledge of local environmental issues and learning from other students’ presentations.

Mallee CMA board chair Joan Burns attended the Mildura West Primary School assembly on Friday (June 11) to present the sponsorship package, which included $1500 to assist with travel costs as well as a reserved place at the conference and access to mentors who assist with development of a presentation for the conference. 

“The conference is a great opportunity for students to learn about an environmental issue affecting the Mallee and deliver their knowledge to a large audience,” Ms Burns said.

“The Mallee CMA is pleased to be able to assist local students to attend environmental events and to represent the Mallee area.”

The sponsorship was made possible through funding from the Australian Government Caring for Our Country program.

The “Kids Teaching Kids” concept began in Mildura and has now expanded, with various events held in regional and national formats across the country. 

Mildura West teacher Marion Vorwerk has been a strong supporter of environmental education at the school for many years and will lead the students through the preparation phase.  

“The Kids Teaching Kids conference provides our students with an authentic learning experience where they meet like-minded students attending the conference from many different parts of the world,” Mrs Vorwerk said.

“Sharing environmental experiences broadens our students understanding so they become more adept at thinking outside the box, problem solving and showing consideration for others’ challenges in the environment.

“They learn many valuable skills during the process and I am sure this group will also proudly and capably represent our school and the Mallee region.”

The Mildura West presentation will be about water pollutants.  The presentation, titled “Ghastly Guests” will take the form of a trial by jury, debate, dance and games to teach the audience about being more responsible about keeping pollutants out of the rivers.

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