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New board member welcomed to the Mallee CMA

The Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) has welcomed the announcement of the reappointment of its community-based board and welcomes Mr Paul Grigg as a new member.

The Mallee CMA Board is a skills-based board and is responsible for the strategic direction, development, implementation and monitoring of the Mallee Regional Catchment Strategy, associated investment strategies and corporate governance. Board members contribute local knowledge and a wide range of skills and experience.

The Board appointees were selected by the Victorian Government as part of the regular state-wide board appointment process. The appointment process is open to community members as well as existing board members.

The new Board will be led by Mallee CMA Board Chairperson Sharyon Peart. Mr Paul Grigg will join existing board members Bruce Jones, John Arnold, Paula Gordon, Brian Englefield and reappointed board members Eddie Lee, Anthony Martin and Geoffrey Anderson.

Mallee CMA Chairperson Sharyon Peart has welcomed the new board member, saying the statutory authority has a challenging and exciting future ahead.

“It is a pleasure to welcome an enthusiastic, experienced person to the Mallee CMA Board to work with us to help deliver social, economic and environmental outcomes for the community,” she said.

“The Mallee CMA has a key role to play in finding the balance around, living, working and caring for the environment. The CMA team will continue to have productive interactions with the local community, delivering positive outcomes.”

Ms Peart also acknowledged the hard work of existing and reappointed board members.

“They have made a significant contribution to ensuring the region’s natural resources are managed in an integrated and sustainable way, and that is something to be very proud of,” Ms Peart said.

The new Board appointee will attend his first Board meeting on October 26th.

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