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New environmental plan for the Mallee

A NEW six-year strategy has been developed to balance the region’s long term productivity with environmental conservation.

The Mallee Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-19 is now in place and reflects local community members’ aspirations for the future management of the region’s natural, productive and cultural landscapes.

The Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) led the development of the regional strategy, together with input from partner agencies, water corporations, community members and local groups such as Landcare. 

Mallee CMA Board Chair Sharyon Peart said the strategy is aimed at maintaining and enhancing long term land productivity while also conserving the environment.

“The people of the Mallee region continue to be committed to natural resource management, which has been particularly evident through the number of participants in workshops and meetings, and the people who provided comment and individual submissions during the development phase of the Mallee Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-19,” she said.

“Thanks to the input of our local communities we now have a framework for action over the next six years to support and focus the ongoing efforts of all Mallee stakeholders, as well as long term objectives for the condition of our natural resources.”

Ms Peart said the Mallee RCS will be useful for government departments, local government, community groups and individuals with an interest in the environment.

“The Mallee RCS may be used by groups or individuals to inform decisions they are making about land and environmental management, and it can also be used by local groups such as Landcare when applying for funding grants,” she said.

“In addition to the strategy itself, we have set up a dedicated website that provides a suite of regionally-specific environmental information free of charge.

“This site will further support our community to have access to the best available environmental information relevant to our region.”

The Mallee RCS website can be found at

A copy of the Mallee Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-19 is available for inspection during office hours at the Mallee CMA Offices, located at the corner of Eleventh Street and Koorlong Avenue in Irymple.

Electronic copies of the Mallee Regional Catchment Strategy 2013-19 are available on the Mallee CMA website or at the dedicated Mallee RCS website.

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