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Flood response

IN AN EMERGENCY PHONE 000 For assistance with non-life threatening storm and flood emergencies phone the Vic SES on 132 500.

A large number of departments and agencies are involved in helping to prevent, prepare and recover from floods in Victoria.   For a brief outline of their responsibilities go to the Government and related agencies' responsibilities page on website  See


Non-emergency flood response

 A large number of departments and agencies are involved in helping to prevent, prepare and recover from floods in Victoria. The list below provides contacts to departments/agencies that may help you in non-emergency situations.


infoWaterway incidents (pollution)

Information regarding emergency and non-emergency pollution of waterways can be obtained from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). Remember, if your inquiry relates to the Murray River, you may have to speak to NSW EPA.

Who to speak to

Environmental Protection Authority Victoria

Environmental Protection Authority NSW


infoBlue Green Algae

When blooms of blue-green algae occur, they interfere with other uses of the water, can affect human health and the environment.

Who to speak to

Your local water corporation.

If your inquiry is in relation to blue-green algae in National Parks (e.g. Hattah Kulkyne National Park), speak to Parks Victoria.


infoFish deaths

Deaths of large numbers of fish – including eels – can be due to a number of causes, including environmental stresses such as low flow conditions, elevated water temperature or pollution.

Who to speak to

Fish deaths in the Murray River should be reported to the New South Wales EPA.

Inquiries relating to water bodies in Victoria should go to the Victorian EPA.


infoWater quality monitoring

Who to speak to

Irrigation and drinking water - speak to your local water corporation.

Water in National Parks - speak to Parks Victoria

Water in the Murray River - speak to NSW Office of Water

Find out more


permitWorks on a waterway

The Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is the Authority responsible for the issuing of permits to a person, company or Authority to carry out works on a waterway. 

Who to speak to

Mallee CMA.


permitWorks on roads

Required under the Road Management Act

Who to speak to

Seek information from your local council or VicRoads. There are important safety standards to be maintained for road networks so strict standards will apply.


infoCultural heritage

A Cultural Heritage Management Plan may be required prior to undertaking activities that may potentially damage Aboriginal cultural places or objects.

Who to speak to

Talk to Aboriginal Affairs Victoria (AAV)

Find out more

More information is available on the AAV website


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