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Firewood collection

Details below outline when a permit or approval is required for various types of firewood collection in the Mallee.


Collecting firewood from Crown Land


Domestic firewood collection (e.g. firewood to use at home) in only allowed in designated firewood collection areas during a firewood collection season. These areas will be clearly identifiable on the ground and marked by official signs.

Who to speak to

Speak to Parks Victoria on 131 963

Find out more,-flood-and-other-closures/firewood-collection-in-victorias-river-red-gum-parks


permitCollecting firewood from roadsides


Roads are managed by either VicRoads or local governments. If you want to collect firewood from a roadside, you need the permission of either VicRoads or your local council (whichever organisation manages the road).

To check which organisation manages the roadside you are interested in, check first with your local council.

Please note:

  • Mildura Rural City Council does not currently allow firewood collection from roads it manages, however some other councils in the region do. It is best to check with your local council.
  • VicRoads does not currently allow firewood collection from roadsides it manages in the Mallee region.

Who to speak to

Your local council
Vic Roads

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