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1.  Field testing a protocol for locating and monitoring active Regent Parrot nests

2.   Population monitoring of the Mallee Emu-wren within the Murray-Sunset and Kulkyne National Parks

3.   Population monitoring of the White-browed Treecreeper in the north-west Victoria

4.   Survey for the Gile's Planigale and characterisation of its habitat

5.   South-eastern Long-eared Bat survey at Murray-Sunset National park

6.   Mallee-Emu-wren Survey at Murray-Sunset National Park & Annuello Flora & Fauna 2010

7.   Survey of roost sites of the South-eastern Long-eared Bat at Nowingi

8.   Survey for the Hooded Scaly-foot west of Mildura (Dec10)

9.   Monitoring Black-eared Miners and the incursions of Yellow-throated Miners within Bronzewing Flora and Fauna Reserve, 2010

10. Orange sun-moth (Synemon nais) survey in the Victorian Mallee

11. Survey for the threatened Millewa skink in Murray-Sunset National Park

12. Surveys for Arid Bronze Azure Butterfly

13. Survey of Swainsona reticulata in the Victorian Mallee

14. Surveying threatened Mallee birds in Murray-Sunset and Hattah-Kulkyne National Parks

15. Semi-arid woodland bird surveys

16. Field Surveys of the Desert Greenhood (Pterostylis xerophila)

17. Condition mapping of semi-arid, non-eucalypt woodlands

18. Monitoring vegetation change at BushTender sites

19. Quantifying the impact of land management practices on native vegetation in the Mallee: Phase 3 Linear remnants

20. Trends in native vegetation condition in the Victorian Mallee

21. Monitoring vegetation change in stock exclusion remnants (June 2013)

22. Supplementation of the nationally vulnerable Desert Greenhood (July2013)

23. Using polymers to optimise native tree germination (Aug2013)

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