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1.  Mapping Mallee Weeds

2. Social Research on Dryland Cropping Practices

3. Mallee Vertical Leakage Estimates

4. Groundwater Trends in the Victorian Dryland Mallee Region

5. Bore Decommissioning in the Dryland Mallee

6. Groundwater Monitoring in the Mallee

7. Mapping and Classifying Saline Surfaces in the Mallee Region of Victoria

8. Soil Change Under Saltbush Plantations

9. Low risk lucerne establishment for the Mallee

10. Disaggregation of the Victorian Mallee land systems

11. Summer weed control srategies

12. Break Crops in the Mallee

13.  Grazing Cereals in the Victorian Mallee 2010

14. Improved cereal variety options for increased groundcover

15. Quantifying and classifying soil carbon in Mallee soil

16. Implementing the Mallee Soil Health Monitoring Program: Phase 1 and 2

17. Climate variability and land management practices

18. Wind erosion susceptibility mapping

19. How climate change may affect sowing times and variety selection at Ouyen

20. How climate change may affect sowing times and variety selection at Werrimull

21. Potential impacts of predicted climate change on Mallee dryland farming systems and land management practices

22. Do fodder crops improve the sustainable management of Mallee soils?

23. Nitrogen management tools and strategies for the low rainfall Mallee

24. Improving the knowledge of mineralisation potential in Mallee soils

25. Managing production risk at Sea Lake and Waitchie

25b. Managing production risk at Sea Lake and Waitchie 2012 (June2013)

26. Sustainable management strategies for herbicide resistant ryegrass

27. Dryland Salinity Drivers and Processes

28. Improving canola establishment to reduce wind erosion (May2013)

29. Farming systems: the greatest wealth is in soil health (Sept2013)

30. Assessing the potential for break crops to improve soil health in the Malllee (Sept2013)

37. Assessing wind erosion threat in the Mallee region - looking back at the last 12 years (Aug2013)

38. Trialling polymers to enhance direct seeding in the Mallee

     Will mice be an issue in 2017

39. The Livestock Health and Biosecurity Victoria Program (Jan 2018)

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